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What to do if the gasoline filter is installed upside down
2023-08-10 10:02:35

Short term use is okay, but over time or if the gasoline added is dirty, it can cause poor fuel supply to the engine. Function of gasoline filter:


1. The gasoline filter is installed on the oil pipe next to the fuel tank, mainly to filter impurities in the gasoline;


2. Gasoline is made from crude oil through a complex process, which is then transported to various refueling stations through a special route, and finally transported to the owner's fuel tank. During this process, impurities in gasoline inevitably enter the fuel tank, and as the usage time prolongs, impurities will also increase. In this way, the filter used to filter fuel will appear dirty and full of debris, greatly reducing the filtering effect;



3. Therefore, it is recommended to replace at the mileage. If not replaced, or if the replacement is delayed, it will inevitably affect the performance of the car, causing problems such as poor fuel flow and insufficient refueling, ultimately leading to chronic engine damage and even requiring major repairs.


Gasoline filters are all one-way filters. If installed in the wrong direction, it may not be a problem in the first few days. If it is too late, there may be a sudden shortage of fuel supply and a decrease in engine power, indicating that the engine cannot run. Except for the external type, which may be installed in the wrong direction, the built-in gasoline filter in the tank will not be installed in the wrong direction. Please pay attention to the direction of the arrow on the sign and the direction of the oil supply written "OUT".


If the gasoline filter element is installed upside down, it can cause. Insufficient fuel supply. The filtering effect of impurities in gasoline is not good. Generally, the arrow on our gasoline filter element points towards the direction of our fuel injector.