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What is the working principle of the gearbox
2023-08-18 17:44:04

The working principle of a gearbox is to assemble two turbine blades in a space filled with hydraulic oil, which are respectively connected to the power input end and output end. The powerful eddy current generated by the impeller at the power input end drives the impeller at the output end, thereby achieving power transmission. How to maintain the gearbox in daily life:


1. Regularly check whether the oil level in the transmission is normal: after starting the engine, preheat the transmission oil to around 50% C, then hold the gear selector in each gear for 2 seconds before placing it in parking gear. At this time, the normal oil level of the dipstick should be between the highest and lowest lines. If not enough, add oil of the same quality in a timely manner;


2. Regularly changing automatic transmission oil: The oil change interval for most automatic transmissions is generally two years or 40000 to 60000 kilometers. However, it is recommended to change the oil 2 to 3000 kilometers in advance. The specific oil change interval can also be seen in the owner's manual;


3. Correct replacement of transmission oil: By 2010, the best oil change method is dynamic oil change, using specialized transmission oil change equipment. During the operation of the transmission, the old oil is fully circulated, drained, and then new transmission oil is added, resulting in an oil change rate of over 90%, ensuring a good oil change effect;


4. Car owners should cultivate an awareness of proactive inspection, maintenance, and upkeep. They can learn some basic knowledge of vehicle maintenance and upkeep, carefully read the instructions provided with the vehicle, and remember some necessary data. Scientific maintenance of vehicles is essential to ensure that they are in good technical condition and driving safety.