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How to remove carbon deposits from car engines?
2023-08-22 09:01:42

1. Use high-quality fuel. Because the main components of carbon deposition are wax and colloidal deposits in the fuel, the lower the colloidal content in the fuel, the better. But we cannot change the quality of the fuel, but we can choose not to add cheap fuel from unknown sources. Avoid prolonged low-speed driving. If necessary, the high-speed train can be pulled regularly.


2. After opening the oil cap, pour a bottle of engine internal cleaning agent into the oil port, then turn it on for about 10 minutes and turn it off. Finally, replace the engine with new oil and filter. The Harm of Carbon Accumulation in Automobile Engines When carbon accumulation is severe, it can lead to difficulties in cold starting the engine.


3. The best way to clean up car carbon deposits is usually through three methods: disassembly and washing, bottle cleaning, and fuel additives.


4. The dismantling and cleaning method is very direct and rough, but it usually needs to be sent to the 4S store for disassembly. The dismantling of the engine is quite complex, and every time any component is disassembled, it will affect its performance to some extent. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a professional technician for disassembly.


5. The vehicle is suspended from the bottle. Hang a bottle shaped special tool on the engine, then pour the cleaning solution into the canned special tool and guide it to the inside of the engine according to the hose, achieving the goal of cleaning carbon deposits.


6. The method for treating carbon deposition is as follows: using a car to hang a bottle. Hang a bottle shaped tool above the engine, then pour the cleaning agent into the bottle tool and guide it into the engine through a conduit to achieve the purpose of cleaning carbon deposits.